DevOps Engineer UKIT

Location – Manchester

A career in Information Technology, within Internal Firm Services, will provide you with the opportunity to support our client’s core business functions by deploying applications that enable our people to work more efficiently and deliver the highest levels of service to clients. The Information Technology Generalist – Practice Support team focuses on managing the design and implementation of technology infrastructure within the company, developing and enhancing internal applications, and providing technology tools that help create a competitive advantage for the company to drive strategic business growth.

A DevOps Engineer can be new to the role, they operate under the leadership and mentorship of a more senior DevOps Engineer.  They are invested in a career within software development but specialising in building, deploying and operating applications.  They learn to work as part of the enablement function by assisting teams in integrating a DevOps approach by means of technical ability, process and mindset.  A DevOps engineer will be passionate about technology and continual learning as they will be required to learn and subsequently guide teams on using the latest technologies – from source control systems to deployment tools to monitoring.  They will learn how to effectively collaborate with teams to understand the dynamics and assist them in building pipelines to improve consistency and frequency into deployments.

Key responsibilities

  • Helping building and run production systems
  • Helping teams have consistent, predictable and rapid build and  deployment cycles
  • Assisting in automation of all aspects of the software development lifecycle
  • Working with developers to optimise existing applications and design new ones
  • Encouraging everyone (Developers, Agile Delivery Managers, Product Managers) to think about how new applications will be run and maintained
  • Aware of the importance of considering developing process efficiency and the common ways in which processes are optimised. Supports specific activities to improve development processes. Able to spot or identify obvious deficiencies.  
  •   Understands key principles of modern standards approach, how they apply to the work they are undertaking, and will apply under guidance.  
  •   Collaborates with others when necessary to review specifications and uses these agreed specifications to design, code, test and document programs or scripts of medium to high complexity, using the right standards and tools.
  • Identifies, locates and competently fixes faults.  
  •   Translates logical designs into physical designs. Produces detailed designs, and documents all work using required standards, methods and tools, including prototyping tools where appropriate. Designs systems characterised by managed levels of risk, manageable business and technical complexity and meaningful impact. Works with well-understood technology and identifies appropriate patterns.  
  •   Able to build and test simple interfaces between systems, or can work on more complex integration as part of a wider team

Skills and attributes

  • Able to analyse solutions end to end and optimize accordingly. Work alongside a development team to enable quick feedback loops through use of automated testing and deployment.  
  •   Keeps up with the latest trends and techniques within the wider industry and is able to apply them in a relevant context.  Ensures the teams are equipped with cutting edge tools and approaches.
  •   Deep understanding of software engineering practices and technical excellence, drives innovation within the teams and solves complex technical problems.  
  •    Deep understanding of the products and related infrastructure, ability to rapidly triage, fix or remediate issues.
  •   Understand and apply design techniques in relevant fashion.  Work with technical architects on appropriate design methodologies and advise accordingly.  Understand the approaches required for evolutionary, continuous and incremental design.  
  •   Ability to script solutions and work on interfaces between products to facilitate quick feedback loops.  Adept at developing and managing deployment scripts and good knowledge of testing APIs and working with SDKs.


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