Diversity and Inclusion Promise

AVTR Recruitment is committed to embedding the principles of Diversity and Inclusion into its culture and operations and to observing legislative requirements relating to discrimination.

Our strategy is to first and foremost ensure diversity and inclusion exists within our own company structure.  We understand the importance of our employees and contractors coming from diverse backgrounds and experiences in order to help identify and attract diverse candidates for our clients.  A passion for the lives of LGBTQ+ people and gender equality lie at the heart of AVTR.  We value everyone’s individuality and we are proud to have a happy, motivated and successful team as a result.  Together, we form a company whose value is to recognise talents and abilities beyond ethnicity, religious beliefs, disability, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity and to promote inclusion for all.

We empower all our employees and contractors to meet our Diversity & Inclusion strategy by providing initial training and on-going awareness support.  At the heart of this training is the belief that everyone should be treated as an individual, not categorised or judged by their ethnicity or gender or anything other than skills and merit.  All our team are aware of unconscious bias and are driven to ensure this doesn’t obscure our service delivery to find diverse talent based on competence beyond a candidate’s portfolio.

As an example of CSR outreach, Andrew Vinell, Managing Director at AVTR, donates his holiday time to volunteering at Crisis every year during the Christmas period.  Furthermore, Andrew also provides mentoring support on ‘mygwork’ an award-winning business community for LGBTQ+ professionals which supports workplace diversity and inclusion.  Andrew is also acting as a mentor at ‘We Rise’, an award-winning Brixton based community business with a mission to empower young people to create successful futures.  Andrew and the team will continue to undertake volunteering and initiatives that give back as part of our Diversity & Inclusion Promise.

The work we do at AVTR supports our clients in their own Diversity & Inclusion strategies.  We consistently work closely with all clients, building strong relationships to ensure we clearly identify needs and therein source the best diverse talent on the market.  Throughout this process, everyone we communicate with is valued and respected without prejudice.