Stand Out in A Sea of Profiles!

By David Richards

By David Richards

Using their laptop to update public profile

A Foreword…

Times are uncertain. People are concerned for their health, families, and careers. World-wide we are facing one of the most unpredictable and challenging periods of our lives.

There have to be glimmers of hope, however. It’s true that many careers are affected, but life will eventually have to pick up and carry on, and many of us are doing our best to continue working from home where possible.

If allowed to remain idle, our brains could very easily spiral into worry.

We had planned to release an article on updating LinkedIn profiles long before such events occurred – and in light of the fact that many people will be wondering what the future holds for them and their careers, we have decided to go ahead and post the following information, hoping it can help keep minds occupied, and spirits high.

LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for job seekers, recruiters, and employers alike. It really is the perfect way to connect with your next exciting opportunity. With over 27 million UK profiles alone, however, (never mind the rest of the world!), how do you stand out amongst the crowd? 

Heading up a team of researchers for tax recruitment, I have been through hundreds and thousands of profiles, and I know what makes us stop scrolling. Yes, we are looking for keywords, and specific information – but before we even investigate a profile, there is one important feature that we are drawn to, purely through human nature, and that is your photo.

Of course, the world of tax does not require you to have a glamorous, sparkling, and impossibly fresh headshot; it’s not Hollywood. We scroll through thousands of profiles, however, and the basic information we see at this stage is a name, a brief job history, and a photo (or not!). Sometimes we are met with a poorly contrived selfie – other times we find a slick, professional photograph. If you want to improve your chances of being noticed – the latter is definitely the best way to go.

To be clear – obviously, your technical background and experience are the keys to your next job; the criteria needs to be met – but if your perfectly appointed (but dull) CV is floating amongst a sea of bright and shiny, eye-catching profiles, it is only natural that it might be unintentionally overlooked. 

Understandably, and for good reason, some people prefer not to have a profile photo, but there are other important facets to consider. 

It is really helpful for a recruitment company to see an up-to-date profile. Which languages do you speak, and how well? Where did you train? What grades did you get in school? What are you doing in your current role? Often these questions go unanswered, but the more relevant information you can put on your profile, the better.

It may seem obvious that you speak English for example (depending on where you reside) – but this is not always the case. It’s also good to know what level of different languages you have in case we are looking at opportunities abroad. 

It’s great to know if you’ve had any volunteering experience and, in general, to hear a little bit about you as a person. Are you hard working, creative, resourceful, friendly? These might seem like very obvious points to make; unnecessary for a professional profile, but this is the information that will make you stand out. 

Do you have a desperate passion for Corporate Tax? Are Innovation Incentives your calling? Does Transfer Pricing just do it for you?! Tell us! Highlight this information to us however you can. We want to know who you are. So often we hear from clients that ‘…it’s about the right kind of person…’ – not only their technical background. Unless you tell us who you are, we simply won’t know. Your ‘Summary’ is the perfect place to reveal this information – it makes all the difference!

In short consider what you might wish to see on a LinkedIn profile were you the one in the hiring seat, then highlight all those important key words we might be looking for in whatever way you can. Finish this off with a great, professional photo and you’re far more likely to stand out in a sea of endless candidates.

Stay safe, and keep your spirits high. This too shall pass.

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