AVTR’s Silver Linings during Covid-19

By Andrew Vinell

By Andrew Vinell

Here at AVTR – we know that the pandemic has caused immeasurable stress on all of us. That’s why we have put our heads together and come up with some positives that have and are continuing to come out of the current climate.

1. Community Spirit

The unique part of the current situation is that we are all in it together. There hasn’t been another time in history where everyone in the world is facing the same challenge.

People from all over are joining together to find solutions. There are countless stories of people finding creative ways to DIY, and give back to their communities. Actors are reciting daily sonnets online and showing us the contents of their basements. This is a great opportunity to reach out to a friend or colleague you haven’t spoken to in years, or even order some groceries for your neighbour!

2. Environmental Lessons

The canals in Venice are clearer than they have been in decades, and the lockdown has caused air pollution levels to plummet in all the areas where strict restrictions have been put in place.  There has been a permanent ban on trade and consumption of wildlife in China and a lot less planes are flying worldwide. This is a chance for us to look at environmental impact and perhaps reset the way we care for our planet.   

3. Lockdown = Slow down

Restrictions in most cities have allowed for people to spend WAY more time at home. Families are staying in together and are getting creative within the four walls of their homes. Parents have to teach their children, and couples are cracking on with DIY. The lockdown can be a chance to slow down and focus on what matters to you.

4. Time to focus and declutter

This also means that now is the best time to do things you have been putting off for years. You could learn a new skill to add to your CV or even work on enhancing your Linked in profile. (Find some ways to create a successful Linked in profile here.

5. Small pleasures

Our philosophy at AVTR has always been to focus on small pleasures to enhance wellbeing, and now is the perfect time to practice the art of savoring. Enjoy your coffee, the sunshine and your daily exercise, as well as the chance to reconnect virtually with friends and family.

6. New ways of connecting

As people are confined to their homes, many industry professionals are reaching out and finding new ways to connect. Try reaching out to a mentor or think creatively in terms of how you can help your industry become more connected over this period of uncertainty. Let’s turn hurdles into opportunities!

In short, yes – the world has changed, and there have been many difficult and upsetting issues to deal with as a result. We are all capable of adapting and seeing the positives, however, and if we can find ways to keep ourselves buoyant and happy during these times we’ll be in a much better place for when our world starts to open up again.

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